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Digital Satellite TV Services

Do you need a new dish installing? Aligning? or have you been told you have no line of sight?

If so we at Aerials 4u can Help, We have over 30 years of experience in installation and repairs of Satellite TV for Freesat, Sky and European TV.

We can Advise you on the recommended dish size for foreign speaking Satellite channels such as French, Spanish, German and more.... We can provide services to rectify poor satellite signal from your Freesat enabled TV or Freesat set top box, Maybe you would like some additional Satellite sockets around the home, we can help.

No Satellite being received from your Sky box?

We have carried out Hundreds of service calls to customers that have this message on there Sky or Freesat box, very often it is not the Satellite box itself that is faulty but a problem with the Satellite dish, It could be

  1. Poor line of site with the Satellite due to Trees or a new building or Scaffolding in place.
  2. A Faulty LNB this is the unit that sits at the end of the dish and has the cables connected to it.
  3. The Satellite SKY Freesat Dish may have moved in the wind or been knocked, The dish only needs to move a fraction for it to be affected
  4. It could be a faulty cable, Maybe the cable has been in place for some time or has been run over a roof, and over time the outer casing has worn.

We are Now able to help with your sky Q

  • Have Sky been out and been unable to upgrade your existing Sky dish because of its location?

As members of Checkatrade and the CAI we are fully vetted and up to date with all working at Heights criteria and are fully insured to tackle that same roof without any problems.

At Aerials 4u We are  trained to repair your existing aerial or satellite system & obtain your digital reception to optimum viewing levels.

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