HDMI Extenders

  • HDMI Repeater
  • HDMI HDbaseT Extender
  • HDMI Extender By RJ45
  • HDMI Extender By Lan
  • HDMI Extender By Coaxial
  • HDMI Extender By Fibre Optic
  • Wireless HDMI Extender

Get all your HDMI Devices on every TV with a HDMI Matrix

  • Enjoy Sky Q or Sky HD, Virgin , Apple TV, or any HDMI device of your choice in all rooms in Full HD 1080p quality, 
  • ‍From the simplest system offering HD TV in two rooms to mega-multi-room applications, HDMI matrix units spread the joy of HD video all around your home
  • Free No Obligation Quotations on all new installations
  • Full Working at Heights Qualified
  • CRB Passed and Vetted
  • CAI Benchmark approved Materials
  • Fixed Price list *
  • Fully Insured and Genuine Local Company
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What is HDMI Distribution?

Ever wanted to watch your favourite HD or 4K content in other rooms but don't want the expense of more boxes, More remotes and more cabling then sending your Sky HD box or DVD player even your apple TV to your Bedroom or or any room can be done with one single cable, and you can control or watch different HD programs in different rooms.


A Professional installer can create a fully integrated smart home that’s been thoughtfully designed to meet you and your family’s needs. Having a HD video distribution system professionally installed should help to guarantee the system’s long-term performance and ensure that it blends neatly with your home decor.

Aerials 4U can carry out a professional installation of the most advanced HD distribution technology.

We can design and install systems to cater for both the home and business user, delivering multiple HD content to one or numerous locations with a fully integrated and discreet infrared control.

We can provide a HD distribution system with the following specifications:
  • ‍Multiple 1080P content delivery only
  • ‍Multiple 1080P content  with IR control
  • ‍Multiple 1080P content and control through one of the market leading control systems

HDBaseT Matrixes supporting 10.2 Gbps. Delivering HD audio and video, IR and RS232 control plus high speed internet access (100BaseT Ethernet) over a single Cat5e/6/7 UTP cable

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